Have any questions about CISC 101? Maybe you can find the answer here.

What is CISC 101 about?

The goal of this course is to introduce the fundamentals of computer science with a focus on programming.

What do I need to take CISC 101?

You actually don't need anything. You don't even need a computer; the labs in Jeffery Hall have all the necessary software available. You also don't need any previous programming experience to take CISC 101.

Do I need to buy the textbook?

No. There is a recommended text available in the campus bookstore, but if you are comfortable seeking resources online you may not wish to purchase it. The same textbook was recommended for CISC 101 in previous years, so used copies are likely available.

What programming language is used in CISC 101?

Python is the language of choice for CISC 101. Please refer to the course website's resources pages on Python development software and release versions for more information.

Do I need to attend the labs and tutorials?

It is in your best interests to attend the tutorials and labs. They provide an excellent opportunity to practice programming and work on assignments with a TA available to answer questions. If you use this time wisely then your grade will likely be higher than if you do not. Tests are also written during tutorial time; it is impertive that you attend those sessions.