There are three assignments in CISC 101 - please refer to the marking scheme for information on grading. Each assignment will be posted in a dedicated page that is accessible via the links above. The links will become enabled as assignments become available.

Assignments will be first introduced and discussed in class; once posted, students will have 12 days to complete them. Assignments will occur according to the following schedule:

Assignment Date Posted Date Due
Assignment 1 January 18th January 30th at 11:59PM
Assignment 2 February 8th February 20th at 11:59PM
Assignment 3 March 8th March 20th at 11:59PM

Assignments are due 3-5 days before tests. The goal is to have tests in quick succession to assignments to make studying easier and verify that you have truly learned the material. Although this does not leave enough time to mark and return your assignments before the tests, sample solutions will be posted for each assignment to compare against your own submission and for study purposes.

Late Submissions

The deadline for each assignment is a hard limit and submission in Moodle will not be possible after the deadline has passed. Please refer to the late submission policy for more information.