Occasionally, unexpected circumstances will arise that prevent students from submitting an assignment on time or attending a test. It is the student's responsibility to alert the instructor as soon as possible once it becomes apparent that he or she will miss a deadline, preferably beforehand. If there is a reasonable explanation (e.g., illness), you will receive an extension for an assignment or a date and time to take a make-up test. You must provide supporting documentation that is relevant to the situation (e.g., a doctor's note) if requested by the instructor.

If your excuse is unacceptable (e.g., procrastination), if you can not produce supporting documentation when requested, or if you fail to contact the instructor in a timely manner (e.g., after several weeks), you will receive a grade of zero on the assignment or test in question.

You will not be able to upload your assignment to Moodle after the deadline has passed. Arrangements must be made with the instructor to submit an assignment outside of Moodle.