There are three tests in CISC 101 - please refer to the marking scheme for information on grading. Students will write tests in their tutorial sessions according to the following schedule:

Test Tutorial A Date Tutorial B Date Tutorial C Date
Test 1 February 3rd February 2nd February 4th
Test 2 March 3rd March 2nd March 4th
Test 3 March 24th March 23rd March 25th

Tests occur 3-5 days after assignments are due. The goal is to have tests in quick succession to assignments to make studying easier and verify that you have truly learned the material. Although this does not leave enough time to mark and return your assignments before the tests, sample assignment solutions will be posted for each assignment to compare against your own submission and for study purposes.

Test solutions will be created for each test and be accessible via the links above. The links will become enabled as test solutions are posted.

Each test will be approximately 40 minutes in length and closed-book. You will not be permitted any materials other than pens and/or pencils. Tests will differ somewhat between sections but they will be thematically similar.